Sitting here and writing…

(Earlier today)

The beauty of this tranquil place, allows me to greatly appreciate how creative You are!!
The amount of details you put into each tree and how complex each one is from one another.
Reminded me that nothing in this world was created to be identical and we all have differences that makes us all unique.
That is what I feel is so crazy about You and Your love because You did not have to, but you wanted too.
There is no one or nothing that we should or can compare ourselves too because we are one of a kind.

So stop comparing and start embracing!!

You are you and others are others.
Love who you are and what kind of person the Lord created you to be.
Hold on to that with confidence and be bold, because who can be the best you but you!!
No one else can replace you and no one can be you!!
Be bold and confident with God!
So i repeat, BOLD and CONFIDENT with God!!

Uni life :) it was raining yesterday and it was horrible!! Hahaha nonstop pouring for hours and it is still going on today, BUT BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE RAIN AND GLOOMY WEATHER :0)

Edit. This just posted… from like two weeks ago… HAHAHA

Fulfilled Promise.

I am finally in China!! I got here August 22, 2014 and I am sad that I did not get to update more but here I go haha. I will try to do so whenever I get some VPN connection yipee.

I am super blessed for numerous reasons as to why I am here in China. This was like meant to be forreals (will slowly reveal, if you do not already now) but GG forreals!! It was like three years ago when I remembered what I told my mom in sixth grade about my calling and look at me now. I am here!! It was a long journey, but it is not even the start of it haha. More in stored for me, just patiently waiting for that divine timing and opportunities to come my way.

Now before I get distracted haha, there is a reason why I titled this entry Fulfilled Promise. For years, ever since I was little, I have always wanted to travel the world!! I wanted to be a archaeologist or wanted to be a national geographic photographer, exploring new cultures and being in awe of this world’s beauty. That wanderlust heart has been apart of me since forever and it grew bigger after my first trip to Mexico with my church in 2005. Since then I have prayed for years to wanting to travel the world and asked for opportunities. Although the opportunities were small then (going on road trips, hiking, and camping), I loved every moment of it. I just love going out and being blown away of how detailed our wonderful Creator is. Parks, museums, beaches, mountains, clouds, stars.. hahaha anything you name it I love just sitting somewhere and soaking in everything.

But in 2011 I had an opportunity to go study abroad Spring 2012 in London, England, and I just could not miss the opportunity. I was not financially able then, but through hard work… I was able to get some scholarships and financial aid to get me to London and travel as well. This was a very important moment in my life because a) I was finally able to leave and travel b) finally living on my own!! Hahaha BUT it was the being of God answering my prayers and the begin of that promise He had with me. 

Since then until now, within the past two years, I have been to 10 countries (including the US) and 4 different continents!! I think that is so friggin cool and I am blessed. He really does answer prayers and loves me so so much. I love that my calling and my love for traveling go hand in hand hahahaha~! Although this is just a being of a new chapter in my life, I am excited to see where else or what else He has in stored for me~!!

No prayer goes unanswered because God sees and knows your heart. He placed desires or loves in your heart for a reason and it will somehow connect without you knowing.